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Blueback Outdoors Posters

Our outdoor blueback posters provide low cost effective advertising

Outdoor posters from Truprint Media are printed on 120gsm Blueback paper. Blueback poster is a material designed for cost effective outside advertising.

Commonly seen on billboards and bus shelters these posters are essential for low-cost advertising.

We cover all the common poster sizes including A2 (420mm x 594mm), A1 (594mm x 840mm), A0 (841mm x 1189mm), 20� x 30� & 30� x 40� For a bespoke size please contact us for pricing.

Blueback poster printing will not show through and is water-resistant.

Artwork Requirements

Bleed 3mm All Round
Resolution 150 dpi minimum
Format PDF
Colour CMYK
Fonts Outlined or Embedded
Additional Please allow quiet borders of at least 10mm. If the finished product is to sit within a frame, then please allow for larger quiet borders for the size of the frame.